Oman Mining Company LLC (OMCO) is a state owned company, established by a Royal Decree, based in Sohar, Northeastern Oman. Its core activities are resource development and production of various minerals and aggregate inclusive of Copper, Gold/Silver, Chromite, Lime, Silica till 1994.  From the last quarter of 1994, owing to depletion of ore bodies in and around Sohar, copper production from indigenous ore has been discontinued and instead established treating imported copper concentrates on conversion basis till December 2015.OMCO has also commenced Gold production from its Rakah Gold Plant in the Yanqul area from 1994 and lasted till 2009.

From 1983 to 1994, OMCO operated from its own mines producing 19.2 million tonnes of ore and 143,000 tonnes of copper cathode and by product gold.

We are one of the producers of world class grade A copper cathode, registered at London Metal Exchange (LME) as LME Grade A – OMCO Brand, produced from its own mines as well as from toll treated copper concentrates imported from various sources. Also copper refinery anode slime containing gold and silver is generated from the treatment of copper cathodes, which is exported to the refineries in Japan and Europe.  Gold Dore Bars are being produced from Rakah Gold Plant and exported to a refinery in UK for refinement. Parallel to this, exploration in Block 10, Yanqul area has revealed availability of economical size copper mine and now it is in the final stage for exploitation.

Commercial Background

OMCO commenced mining operations in 1979 with two copper underground/open pit mines, a copper concentrating plant, a smelter and refinery at Sohar. In addition to this, OMCO owns a large and well maintained township, known as Magan township.  To support the integrated mining-concentrating-smelting-refining processes the following industrial infrastructures were established.

Power Station, Analytical Laboratory, Engineering Workshop, Warehouse, Geology, Mobile Crushing Plant and related offices. As a part of being an integral part of Oman’s continuous progress, we have established a registered liaison office of OMCO in Muscat to cater to the various administrative and related requirements of our clients and business associates.


Run of ore is crushed in jaw crusher. The concentrator utilizes autogenous milling and water flotation. This is a two stage fully autogenous circuit, the primary mill provides pebbles for a secondary mill through a pebble extractor valve in the primary mill discharge trunion actuated by the power draw of the secondary mill.

Thickener concentrates are dried in a gas fired rotary drier. Tailings are pumped to the tailings pond area where surplus water is evaporated.


The concentrate is pelletized and dried to 1% moisture.  The pellets are mixed with limestone, silica flux and recycled copper bearing flue dust and fed into a 7 MVA electric furnace. The furnace smelts the copper concentrate and fluxes produce copper matte and slag. The copper is transferred to one of two Pierce Smith converters where sulphur and iron are oxidized by blowing with air. The blister copper is finally fire refined in an anode furnace, being blown successively with air increasing the copper grade and the copper is cast into anode.

The slag produced in the Smelter is sold to a local company. The smelter plant is designed to treat 80,000 tonnes of copper concentrate annually.


In the electrolytic refinery, the anode copper is further refined to produce copper cathodes of 99.999% purity, which is exported to various destinations.  The designed annual production capacity is 20,000 tonnes copper cathodes. Study is being undertaken to increase the capacity to 24,000 tonnes per annum.

The anode slimes produced in the Refinery is again processed in an overseas refinery for recovery of precious metals (Gold & Silver)


Electric power to Sohar Copper Project and Township is catered by two 18 MW heavy duty industrial gas turbines owned and operated by OMCO.  Surplus power over OMCO requirement is currently exported to other entities.

Magan Township

The town site is located  off Falaj Al Qabail-Buraimi highway, approx. 24 kms north of the coastal town of Sohar. The housing within the town site consists of a variety of accommodations, artistically furnished and centrally airconditioned. The township has all basic amenities and facilities.

Rakah Gold Project

The Gold plant is located in Rakah, Wilayat of Yanqul.  The plant was commissioned and commenced production in August 1994.  The annual design capacity is to produce approx. 500 kg of gold.  The process plant is a simple conventional cyanide leaching method with the gold recovery by activated carbon. The gold gold dore produced by OMCO is sent to an overseas refinery for further processing.


OMCO owns exploration and mining rights of many mineral assets, and one such asset is Block 10 in Yanqul.  Block 10 is well connected by road and located close to Yanqul town. The project site can be accessed both from Sohar and Ibri towns and is located approx. 70 km SW of Sohar in the north Batinah region and 256 kms from Muscat by road. Block 10 has significant upside potential within and outside existing resource area for Cu-Au mineralization which was evident after a detailed analysis of all the exploration campaigns carried out till date. Besides copper-gold, the block also has chromite potential areas. Based on the current resource, the mine life is estimated to be 10 years at a capacity of 1.65 MTPA.

The development of the copper mines at Yanqul is likely to bring significant benefit to the local villages and social benefit to the region. There are indications that there could be other pockets of minerals in the Yanqul block. Indications are positive and we are developing the current mine project with the capacity to gear up for further expansion later. At Yanqul, all the standard procedures and practices will be put in place to monitor water quality in the aquifers around the mine and tailings dam, and to monitor air quality, dust and noise pollution around the site as and where deemed required.