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Oman Mining Company (OMCO) is the wholly government owned mining operator in the Sultanate of Oman. OMCO was established by Royal Decree in the early 80s with the instruction to exploit copper reserves in the vicinity of Sohar by modern mining techniques. OMCO produced during its years of mining approximately 19.2 million metric tonnes of ore and approximately 143 000 t of copper cathode. Fully operational, own mines were operated in many blocks not only for copper but in producing also gold, silver, chromite, limestone and silica until 1994 by mining and until beginning 2016 by operating OMCO’s copper smelting and refinery complex near Sohar.

We are LME registered as a world-class grade A copper cathode producer under “OMCO” brand, produced from our own resources and from toll treated copper concentrates, imported from various sources, after having seized our own mining operations due to a change in the environmental legislation and our own desire to implement the awareness in this regard. In parallel to this, in Block 10, close to the town of Yanqul, we commenced and drew our full attention to the operations of the gold mines in this block.

Following up with the strategy set forth in 2016, when operations seized, OMCO established Green Tech Mining & Services in 2018, a Special Purpose Vehicle in form of a Joint Venture, to deal with the environmental legacy in the mining areas and to entirely restructure mining operations in Oman to turn it into a green, widely acceptable and long-term sustainable industry. The aim is to focus on remediating the contaminated mining sites in the country, with the goal of restoring the surrounding environment and treating the ground water to its original state as much as reasonably possible, while recovering minerals from this waste and generating income for Oman.